Does My Ex Husband Want Me Back - Here is How to Know If You Ex Will Ever Want You Back Or Not

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Does My Ex Husband Want Me Back

Will my ex want me back? This is a question that all people who want to get back together with their ex ask themselves. The truth is that no matter how amicable or how bad your break up was no ex readily agrees to get back together. So to get your ex back you have to be prepared to work hard to make them "want" to get back with you.

Don't jump the gun
Most people make a mistake in the first stages of the break up. They get all desperate and try to convince their ex that they shouldn't break up. That just makes the ex's resolve even firmer. Your ex can't stand the sight of you at the moment so walk off with the little bit of your dignity that is still left.

Take ownership and responsibility
Before you make your exit talk to your ex and tell him/her that you take full ownership of your mistakes and take responsibility of all that went wrong in the relationship. Your maturity at handling this situation is only going to make your ex feel better and hate you less.

Give your ex some space
After this give your ex some more time off. Your ex needs to need you a little in his/her life and that will only be possible if you leave on a good note. Be patient at this stage as temptation to get back with your ex is quite high. Does My Ex Husband Want Me Back

Make one really good apology
Once again resurface and instead of apologizing a thousand times and looking all pathetic you need to make one really good apology. Cover all the details that you feel need to be addressed and show your ex that you have made the required changes. But don't push your ex even once to get back together with you.

Don't even "think" of making your ex jealous
A lot of people feel that by making your ex jealous you can make them insecure enough and get then to come back into your life That never happens and cements the ex's belief that they made the right decision by leaving you.

Communicate with his/her friends and family
During your lull period keep in touch with your ex's family and friends who know you. Remain in their good books. Never look like you are promoting yourself but always say that you wish your ex well and only want him/her to be happy.

Tell your ex you want to get back eventually
Your ex will hear of your feelings and good behavior and will be alright being friends with you. Once you both get comfortable with each other broach the topic of a possible reconciliation. Your ex will take a little time but will eventually get back with you. Does My Ex Husband Want Me Back

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Does My Ex Husband Want Me Back - Here is How to Know If You Ex Will Ever Want You Back Or Not

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Does My Ex Husband Want Me Back - Here is How to Know If You Ex Will Ever Want You Back Or Not

This article was published on 2010/09/20
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