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Breaking up sucks but it happens. What you need to know now is how to get over a break up and move on!

The best way to get over women is to just forget about her. Forget about your relationship and force yourself not to feel the pain. Refusing to give up and refusing to let this one break up ruin your entire life is a great start. Instead of wallowing in despair and self pity, pick yourself up and tell yourself that you are better than this and that you don't need her. Tell yourself that you will get through this, convince yourself that a broken relationship is far from the end of the world.

How to get over a break up is also to start hanging out with your family and friends. It is especially important that you hang around positive people. While it may seem like fun to hang around people who will whine and bitch about your ex-girlfriend, that's only a temporary kind of fun because you know that for all the bad qualities that she had, there were reasons why you stayed with her and that she was not all bad. Tainting your relationship by bitching and whining will probably hurt you more in the long run. Not thinking about your relationship and the woman will help as well. When you go to places that you went with her or eat at your favorite restaurant, don't think of these things! Don't let these memories haunt you. Avoid these places for as long as you need. This because the longer you keep thinking of what was, the harder it is to handle the rejection and break up. Whatever memories you have of her, just file them up and forget them. Lock them away in a corner and throw away the key. Constantly thinking about her and dwelling about the fun or sweet moments you had is not how to get over a break up.

The final thing that needs to be done to get over break up is to return everything of hers. Every little thing that belonged to her, give it back. I'm not suggesting that you return gifts, but it may be a good idea to get rid of them or at least put them out of sight. This relates to the 'good memories' that you made during your time together. In order to get over the rejection, you should not dwell on the past. These gifts will cause you to do so and that is why you need to get rid of them. Getting over break ups isn't impossible. Just continue to live your life and find new goals and things to do. Dwelling on the past, in this case will not help you get over it at all. So as much as possible, just file and forget.

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Get Over Break Up

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This article was published on 2010/11/22
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