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By their very nature, the bonds of a relationship are fragile and must be respected and cared for so that you can thrive. Each partner in the connection has the responsibility of offering value to the other partner to the creation of a natural balance. When this balance is upset is when problems begin. A relationship that is unbalanced will eventually dissolve, generally leaving one partner holding on hopes of resolution. Being the partner seeking resolution is usually a lonely, difficult state of affairs, but there is definitely one way to salvage even the darkest situation.

The Following Tips May Help On How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend


The old adage that no one needs the needy definitely applies to uneven relationships. Desperate behaviors like begging and clinging are way more prone to act as repellent, than to draw in your ex girlfriend back to you. You have to show the world - and yourself - that you can and will persevere, even in the hardest times. Break ups are never easy, but the screaming and crying should be kept behind closed doors.

Minimal Contact

It could seem counter intuitive to close off communication when you what you really want is to rebuild the connection, but this is an essential step in the process. Remember that there is a reason you're where you are now and that a break just isn't necessarily a bad thing. This provides you with time to reflect and evaluate the relationship. It may even allow your ex girlfriend time to clear their mind. You just might find that allowing them a bit of time away reminds them of the value of the relationship.


After a breakup, the last thing you want to is to begin handing out mandates like telling them to come back get their stuff, or else. You cannot scare someone into coming back to you. Remember that your ex girlfriend broke up with you because some piece of the relationship was no longer satisfying. So, you are better off becoming an excellent listener without listing demands. Now, this does not mean that you must concede to all of their demands (see Strength), but if you want to rebuild your communication, you should accept that you are likely going to need to fulfill beyond halfway.

Going Out

The post-breakup period is no time to loaf around the house by yourself. Call up your friends, make plans and work on bringing other entertainment outlets into your life. Of course, this doesn't mean that you need to date anyone as well as pay attention to the opposite sex (but, who knows?). It does mean that you should occupy yourself and find to know who you're as a person. Getting out of your home will also be good for whenever you reunite along with your ex girlfriend. You will have new stories to tell and it is sure to help spawn conversations.

Be Your True Self

There is something regarding the unique person that you're are initially attracted your ex girlfriend to you. Reflect on when you first got together and the very first few weeks or months of the relationship to get some ideas about what made that point special. Then, check if you can identify what might have changed since then. Because relationships can sometimes become monotonous over time, it is common to forget the very things that made the two of you so compatible initially. Take the time to learn how to emphasize your good qualities and work towards being your true self. You just might find that the enhanced self-perception begins to rub off on those around you.

While it is true that it is not at all times easy to win back your ex girlfriend, it is possible. With consistency and determination, you can be successful. Start on the best path through the use of the basic strategies listed above and keep in mind that you will need to continue to adapt as things changes. If you really love your ex and really want them back, then now's the time to perform everything you can to prove yourself.


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Break ups are hard and can be one of the toughest times in peoples lives. Everyone handles every situation diffrent but at the end it all comes down to the proper ways to really get you ex loved one back.

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Get Your Old Girlfriend Back

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This article was published on 2011/02/09
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