How to Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend

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When answering the question "how to get back with my girlfriend" a few things come to mind. This is an issue that has left many people frustrated and in bewilderment when experiencing a break up.
It's a delicate matter to say the least but one that needs some thought when providing an answering, because of different circumstances.  

To start with, you may feel hurt and her feelings as well. So it's very important to be extremely careful what you are about to do in the meantime, ignoring this will more than likely make feelings hurt even worst.  

To keep the hurt to a minimum, you need to consider the following when figuring out how to get back with your ex girlfriend.  

1. Before anything else, you must think about what you did that caused the break up?

In most cases, girls just don't split up with guys for the sake of splitting up. Chances are there's a really good reason behind it, so either you didn‘t take her seriously and make a change or simply let her down in some kind of way.

Your first mission if you decide to take it is figuring out what really went wrong. Could or couldn't it have been prevented? When getting to the root of the problem you can begin fixing whatever it was that caused the break up.   

2. If you realize that the break up with your girlfriend was indeed your fault, then your first move should be rekindling the relationship.  You need do this by letting her know that you get it -- you recognize what happened and tell her you're sorry for the way you acted, as well as what led to the break up.   

3. While you are still trying to patch things up with your ex, who might still be upset, remain social by going out with friends and other people.

Even though you and your ex girlfriend have not made contact for a while, just take this free time to do other things that interest you. Go out; don't cut yourself off from the world.

There's nothing wrong with dating other girls if the break up lingers on. Believe it or not, it just might trigger a reaction from your ex when seeing or hearing there is another girl in the picture. They can cause some jealousy in your ex which may help you get her back.
4. The idea here is showing your ex that you've moved on with your life, but not without letting her know that you still care for her.  

Also, this may be the fastest way to get her back where other tactics fail to do so as quickly. But it can backfire as well, if you go too far with the other girl while trying to get your ex back.

At the right time, you can let her know that you haven't completely moved on, and your feelings for her are still as strong. In turn, this will make her feel that you care and seem more mature to her and most desirable also.

5. One final note: Work on becoming a real friend to your ex again, that's also important.

Essentially, this builds trust and helps build a tighter bond with one another. Pick a time to ask her why she called the relationship off in the first place, but don't appear to be desperate -- just be casual.
Either she'll acknowledge that the break up was a mistake or it was for the better.

When you have the answer you will know what to do from there. Now you know the initial steps on "how to get back with my ex girlfriend."

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How to Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend

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This article was published on 2010/12/24
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