How to Prevent a Break Up

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If you love your partner, having to go through a break up is a very painful experience which everyone wants to avoid and it can really be prevented. As long as there is still love existing in the relationship, it can be salvaged and in this article, you will learn some tips to avoid a love break up.

Before any relationship meets the tragic ending of a break up, there are bound to be some signs that problems are arising and both of you should fix the issues together. If you miss the signs and let the relationship turn sour, a break up will very likely ensue.

The first important sign that you should look out for is whether there is a lack of physical contact between both of you. By that, it includes a lot of things besides sexual intercourse. If your sex patterns has always been unstable; sometimes many times a week and at other times only once or twice, that is normal and there is no need to panic. However, other simple forms of physical contact like a light kiss, passionate kisses and cuddles are part of physical contact as well. If all these have suddenly stopped, it is a strong indication that love has probably turned cold and a break up is likely to be coming your way.

If you noticed that your partner flinched away when you touched him whether in public or when you are alone together, observe if it happens only occasionally or is it happening too often. Sometimes your partner could be deep in thoughts of his work or other problems and might have been startled by your sudden touch. However, if it happens very often and you have also noticed that it is only happening lately, it may be a sign that something is not right.

When that happens, first consider if both of you had a quarrel lately and he might be upset with something that you said during the argument. There is also a possibility that he may be bothered by other personal problems. Has he ever mentioned it to you? Issues such as a job lay off or some financial difficulties could cause a person to be distracted even when he is with a loved one so you should not jump to conclusion straight away.

On the other hand, if everything had been fine between both of you but physical contact has suddenly stopped lately, then you might want to have a talk with him. It is vital to be open with each other and communication is the key to a successful relationship. Nevertheless, you also have to be prepared on what might result from the confrontation. What if he admits that he is seeing someone else and wants to break up with you, would you be able to take it calmly?

In order to prevent a break up, it is important to observe what is going on in your relationship and understand what is happening before it is too late. There is a chance that things are have not really turned sour yet and you might be able to patch things up again. However, bear in mind that both of you need to talk and to listen to each other's point of view.

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How to Prevent a Break Up

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This article was published on 2010/04/18
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