Repairing a broken relationship

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When it comes to repairing a broken relationship, I have good news and I also have bad news, as well. The good news is that no matter how badly messed up your relationship is it can be repaired. This will only work, if both parties concerned are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to make things it workout.


Both of you have to understand and realize that things may take a little time and possible some hard work and you both need to be mature enough to face up to some of your own "short comings". If you are of the same mind then you have an excellent chance of working things out, and you will probably succeed.


But the bad news is: if the problems are major ones and /or both of you aren't willing to work at getting them resolved, then the odds of repairing the relationship are dramatically reduced. It won't be impossible, but it will be far more difficult.


The first step is to be completely honest about where you and your partner are. Are both of you mature enough to face up to the issues that are destroying your relationship and to "hang in there" long enough to find a suitable solution? If so, go on to step two. If not, then you need to ask yourself why you want to try save the relationship. Most people will usually answer that question with "I love them" but sometimes that just isn't enough.


If you try to save your relationship, all on your own it's all too easy to fall into the trap of becoming a door mat to your partner. If your partner is so selfish that they refuse to work with you to repair the union, it's almost certain that they will try to take advantage of all your efforts, and the likely hood is that no matter how hard you try on your own you will usually fail - You've heard the saying "it takes two to tango"


The second step is to work out what is going on? What particular issues and difficulties are the pair of you trying to deal with? What do you need to do to fix them? Do the both of you just seem to be slowly drifting apart? If so, why? Has something changed? Do you now find it harder to connect with each other? Has some one or some thing entered in into your lives that it's affecting relationship?


Once you can identify what the root cause of your problems are you have a much better chance of getting them handled in an effective way. Don't let the excess baggage of day to day living get you confused. That's not the real problem in most cases. Get to work on finding out what the real basic problems are and then, together work on a resolution.


Remember, it is going to be a hard and difficult task to repair something when you don't know where it is broken and it's no different when you are trying to fix-up a broken relationship. If you want to work out how to fix things up you need to isolate what the problems are, you can't fix what you don't know.

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Repairing a broken relationship

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Repairing a broken relationship

This article was published on 2010/10/19
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