Stop Chasing Him And Make Your Ex Boyfriend Come To You - This Tactic Will Make Both Of You Happy

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When a relationship ends it can sometimes be a relief. Especially if it was plagued with arguments and finding fault with each other. But after things settle down you begin to realize you miss your ex boyfriend and want him back. That is when you panic and think he might have found someone else. You might start chasing him and try to get him back, but you will probably be met with a stone wall. Your ex will not want to talk to you or listen to your pleas.

If you stop listening to your heart and begin to listen to your head, you will stop chasing him and make your ex boyfriend come to you. You will realize that by trying to force him to talk things over, you are pushing him farther away. You need to leave him alone for a while and get a grip on your emotions. Once you give him time to get over his anger, this tactic will make both of you happy.

Relationships can be very confusing at times. When you are together for a while you tend to take each other for granted and soon things become boring. It becomes easy to find fault with each other and that leads to resentment. When the relationship is new, it was a time of discovery. The problems arise when you discover your partner is not as perfect as you thought they were.

Everyone has their faults and if you love each other enough, those faults can be overlooked. That is why the marriage vows say you are taking each other for better or for worse. No matter what you have in life, nothing is as valuable as true love. A breakup does not mean the end of love unless you make it die. That is why it is important not to chase your ex.

By chasing him, you are showing him the worst side of you. One that he would rather stay away from than be with again. But, if you show him your strength and maturity by respecting his desire to be alone, you will be showing him someone he would want at his side. If you want him back, there is an easy way to make it happen so you will both be happy.

Men have a lot of pride and ego and it is hard for them to admit to making a mistake. He might be wanting you back as much as you want him, but he will not make the first move. That leaves it up to you. If at least a month has passed since the breakup, things should have cooled down. You need to swallow your pride and call him. Tell him you are sorry for whatever you did that caused him pain.

Be sure not to cry or beg. Just offer you apology and end the conversation. The next few days will not be easy. You will have to give him time to digest your apology. Do not contact him again, but when he has time to think of how much you mean to him, your ex boyfriend will come to you.


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Stop Chasing Him And Make Your Ex Boyfriend Come To You - This Tactic Will Make Both Of You Happy

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Stop Chasing Him And Make Your Ex Boyfriend Come To You - This Tactic Will Make Both Of You Happy

This article was published on 2010/11/02
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