Why Did My Boyfriend Break Up With Me? The Top 3 Reasons Why Boyfriends Break Up

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You thought everything was going so well in your relationship, and then all of a sudden he calls you and tells you it's over. You're totally blindsided. You can't understand why he would do this. You thought he loved you, and one question keeps swirling around in your mind. "Why did my boyfriend break up with me?"

You're going to need to figure out the answers to this question sooner of later if you want to ever get him back and keep him. So I've listed some of the top reasons why couples break up.

The first reason is that differences inevitably crop up between the two parties in a relationship, and often these differences are more obvious or acute to one partner than the other. When this is the case with him, you may be aggravating him without ever knowing it. A lot of guys won't volunteer what's on their mind, so it's best to try not to be self-centered and to pay close attention to his reactions to the things you say and do.

The next reason you may come up with when you ask, "why did my boyfriend break up with me?" is a feeling of lost passion. Be honest here, did you let yourself go a little. It's not a crime if you did, it's just natural to get more relaxed after a while with someone you're close to.

The last reason, and this is a big one with a lot of guys, is that he got scared that the relationship was progressing too fast and he got cold feet. Many guys are commitment-phobes, and if you were asking him questions like where he thought the relationship was going, alarm bells were probably going off in his head urging him to "run away!" This might be the biggest factor in the "why did my boyfriend break up with me" conundrum.

There are quite a few other reasons why a guy might leave a relationship unexpectedly but these are often the Big Three. Why did my boyfriend break up with me? I hope these common reasons will give you a little insight.

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Why Did My Boyfriend Break Up With Me? The Top 3 Reasons Why Boyfriends Break Up

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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